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    1. 2020

      1. Dennis-Konu-Daniel-Faunt-and-Peter-Komon_Thumb

        BSP Retail sees 100% Papua New Guineans in Management

        Wednesday 02nd December, 2020

        Bank South Pacific has reached new heights in its management - a 100% Papua New Guinean team now leads its Retail Strategic Business Unit.

      2. 2020
      3. Mrs-Pena-and-Daera-Rarua_Thumb

        BSP Launch 2020 Go Green campaign

        Friday 27th November, 2020

        The annual Bank South Pacific Go Green Clean Up Campaign for 2020 has been launched and will see all BSP Branches nationwide including Off shore branches participate in this annual school clean-up.

      4. 2020
      5. Mary-Johns_Thumb

        “Violence is not love, if you need help – reach out”

        Wednesday 25th November, 2020

        "I have seen first-hand how brutal and vicious physical violence can be but also the psychological abuse that a victim endures, destroy their self-confidence, self-worth and outlook on life," says Bank South Pacific Company Secretary, Mary Johns.

      6. 2020
      7. Errol-Ope_Thumb

        Electronic Giving (eGiving) - A way forward for the SDA Mission

        Tuesday 24th November, 2020

        BSP is pleased to announce the launch of 'eGiving' (electronic giving) using BSP's e-Commerce Payment Gateway to ease challenges of being physically present at a venue to bless the mission with tithes and offerings.

      8. 2020
      9. Gorethy-Alicia-and-Douglas-FM100TalkBack_Thumb

        Over 400 Community Projects delivered in PNG since 2009

        Thursday 19th November, 2020

        "Since 2009, BSP has delivered over 400 Community Projects in PNG and in countries that we operate in to the tune of over K10m," said BSP Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Gorethy Semi, whilst on the popular FM100 TalkBack Show today.

      10. 2020
      11. Paul-Thornton-and-Garath-Niemand_Thumb

        BSP supports 2020 Red Shield Appeal with K30,000

        Monday 16th November, 2020

        "Bank South Pacific has had a long association with the Red Shield Appeal and we would like to continue that and recognise the hard and exceptional work that the Salvation Army does through this support and cheque of K30,000," said BSP Group Retail General Manager Paul Thornton.

      12. 2020
      13. Meck-Kaum_Thumb

        BSP Branches Delivers Hand Wash Stations in Communities

        Friday 13th November, 2020

        As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreads across the globe, millions of people, companies and Government Departments and Institutions are heeding the advice of health experts to Covid -19 measures.

      14. 2020
      15. Roslyne-Paulus-Kanini_Thumb

        Bank South Pacific assists Bayune Lutheran High school with computers

        Thursday 12th November, 2020

        Students of Bayune Lutheran High now have access to a fully kitted computer lab thanks to Bank South Pacific's Bulolo Branch.
      16. 2020
      17. Villiwalaka-Roalakona-and-Martin-Piason_Thumb

        “A Small Act of Kindness Will Go a Long Way”

        Tuesday 10th November, 2020

        "We hope that this small Act of Kindness will go a long way in impacting the less fortunate children's lives in a big way," said BSP Leadership Management Development Program participant Villiwalaka Roalakona, when handing over food and clothes to Hope for Poor Kids Care Inc today (Tuesday 10th November, 2020)."

      18. 2020
      19. Briske-Kaume_thumb

        Access to Opening Bank Account, a need in Rural Finchaffen

        Friday 06th November, 2020

        "Thank you BSP! Having a bank account is a service most of our people dreamed of accessing and you brought that right to our village," said Wamora Coffee Farmers Association Director, Giegere Greg Hedziga.