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At BSP we understand every one belongs to a community, and that the relationships we build with each of our customers bring us opportunities to help their communities. Thousands of conversations happen each year with our customers, their communities and BSP men and women, to determine the area of greatest need for a community.

As a part of the communities we live in, we would like to build these relationships and strengthen our community involvement. BSP Community Projects initiative provided an avenue for each of our branch staff to contribute to make a difference. Since its inception in 2009, we're proud that every Branch Manager and their teams have made a personal commitment to this programme, devoting their own time, backed by all the resources of BSP.

Our community projects typically include:

  • refurbishing hospital wards and clinics
  • renovating classrooms, libraries
  • bringing healthcare to communities
  • installing water tanks at schools
  • constructing new market buildings and bus stops
  • plus many more initiatives

Since 2009, we have funded over K4.3 million and taken part in over 200 community projects.


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  1. Waigani_BC

    Waigani BC

    20th September 2016

    Bank South Pacific handed over keys to a new Widows Counselling Centre to the Widows Association in Port Moresby yesterday.
  2. 2016
  3. Boroko


    14th October 2016

    Institute of Christian Academy received 4x new bubblers & a water tank thanks to Bank South Pacific.
  4. 2016
  5. Kundiawa


    9th September 2016

    BSP Kundiawa installed 3 water tanks to Mingende Rural Health Centre as part of their Community Project.
  6. 2016
  7. Madang


    23rd August 2016

    Bank South Pacific (BSP), through its staff continue to deliver community project aimed to enrich communities, leave lasting changes and add value in education, sports, health and environment initiatives.
  8. 2016
  9. Mt_Hagen

    Mt Hagen

    17th August 2016

    BSP Mt Hagen staff installed four (4) water tanks at Mt Hagen Primary School with the assistance of the contractor.
  10. 2016
  11. Wewak


    12th August 2016

    BSP Wewak Branch staff renovated 2xclassrooms by painting the exterior walls, painting window seals, window frames, changing fly wires, patching cement floors , installed gutters and installed 2x Tanks (5000lts)with 2x taps at Wewak Hill Elementary School with the assistance of the contractor, Wewak Hill Youths and the school ancillary staffs.
  12. 2016
  13. Retail


    2nd August 2016

    PNG Blind Service Centre had a second visit from Bank South Pacific to renovate the classroom and donate 1x computer to continue their ICT training program. In 2014b BSP donated 2 computers which helped start up the ICT training program.
  14. 2016
  15. BSP_Finance_Planning_Corporate


    2nd August 2016

    PNG Blind Service Centre had a second visit from Bank South Pacific to renovate the classroom and donate 1x computer to continue their ICT training program. In 2014 BSP donated 2 computers which helped start up the ICT training program.
  16. 2016
  17. Vanimo_Branch


    31st July 2016

    The people of Waromo can now conduct night church activities thanks to BSP Vanimo for the installation of solar lights.
  18. 2016
  19. Kokopo


    30th July 2016

    Raluana Primary School is the oldest school within ENBP and BSP's contribution in completing their Admin Block is a first of its kind from a Private Sector.
  20. 2016
  21. Rabaual


    23rd July 2016

    ST Pauls Primary School is a proud recipient of 2x 2000Ltrs water tanks and 2x newly constructed classrooms thanks to Bank South Pacific.
  22. 2016
  23. Mendi_Branch


    22nd July 2016

    Community leaders, parents and youngsters of Taguru Community in Southern Highlands, received a new basketball court, thanks to Bank South Pacific (BSP) Mendi.

  24. 2016
  25. Operations


    1st July 2016

    BSP staff installed 2x5000L Water Tanks, 8x Drinking Taps and Garbage Holder at Hagara Primary School with the assistance of a professional contractor.
  26. 2016
  27. Gordons


    29th June 2016

    Marianville Secondary School is a proud recipient of two water tanks thanks to Bank South Pacific Ltd.  Situated in the outskirts of Port Moresby, the school acknowledges the great gesture bestowed by the bank.
  28. 2016
  29. Bialla_Branch


    27th June 2016

    The people of Bialla in West New Britain Province now have a new bus stop shelter and waiting area thanks to Bank of South Pacific (BSP).

  30. 2016
  31. Port_Moresby

    Port Moresby

    17th June 2016

    Port Moresby Branch staff worked together with the community to install two water tanks at St. Michaels Primary School with the help of the contractor.
  32. 2016
  33. Lihir_Branch


    15th June 2016

    BSP Lihir staff installed 3x tanks at Samo Primary School with the help of the contractor.
  34. 2016
  35. Lae_Market

    Lae Market

    10th June 2016

    The Lae Market Branch Staff installed 1x 9,000lites of Water- Tuffa Tank & Solar Light Package which is 300 watts at Gelam Musom Christian School with the assistance of the contractor.
  36. 2016
  37. BSP_Haus

    BSP Haus

    2nd June 2016

    Disruption of classes due to water shortage will be a thing of the past for Mt Diamond Secondary School in Central Province.
  38. 2016
  39. Human_Resource

    Human Resource

    6th May 2016

    The staff and management of Coronation Primary School now have a better environment to work in thanks to BSP recently renovating the schools administration building.

  40. 2016
  41. BSP_First

    BSP First

    3rd May 2016

    BSP First staff installed 1x water tank with the assistance of the contractor and presented a Sports Pack and First Aid kit to Tokarara Community School.
  42. 2016
  43. Bulolo_Branch

    Bulolo Branch

    30th April 2016

    The old deteriorating Baiyune Aid Post in Bulolo District, Morobe Province has been renovated thanks to Bank South Pacific (BSP).
  44. 2016
  45. TariBranch

    Tari Branch

    27th April 2016

    Students in three schools in Hela Province can focus on learning because they do not have to walk to the nearest creek for water thanks to Bank South Pacific (BSP).

  46. 2016
  47. KimbeBranch

    Kimbe Branch

    9th April 2016

    BSP Kimbe staff worked together with the Darava Community in Talasea District to install 2 new 9000L water tanks at the local Elementary School. Darava Elementary school is about 45 minutes' drive west of Kimbe Town, and is home to the hot springs in West New Britain.
  48. 2016
  49. AitapeBranch

    Aitape Branch

    2nd April 2016

    Lumi Health Centre in Sandaun Province now has their wards and streets lit up; thanks to the installation of new solar lights by Bank South Pacific (BSP). The solar lights will improve the clinic environment both for the staff and patients to work and move freely around the health Centre.
  50. 2016
  51. DaruBranch

    Daru Branch

    26th March 2016

    The Daru CIS Aid Post receives a new fresh look courtesy of Bank South Pacific (BSP).

  52. 2016
  53. LaeTopTownBranch

    Lae Top Town Branch

    11th March 2016

    Buimo Health Clinic in Lae received refurbished ablution and toilet facilities thanks to Bank South Pacific's (BSP), community project contribution.
  54. 2016
  55. WabagBranch

    Wabag Branch

    27th Feb 2016

    Sangurap Elementary School in Wabag now has a renovated classroom & a new water tank for its students thanks to BSP.
  56. 2016
  57. Kainantu_Branch_edited

    Kainantu Branch

    26th February 2016

    Basketball games in Kainantu can now be played in comfort and safety with the installation of a fence and benches thanks to Bank South Pacific (BSP).

  58. 2016
  59. Goroka_Branch_edited

    Goroka Branch

    20th January 2016

    BSP Goroka branch staff constructed a bus stop at the Main Market with the help of the contractor Rodclife. The staff volunteered during the weekends to help deliver a successful project.  The project took eight weeks to complete.

  60. 2015
  61. Boroko_Branch_edited

    Boroko Branch

    29th December 2015

    BSP's Port Moresby and Boroko branches teamed up to deliver the project to City Mission and Haus Ruth,  because of the organisation's dedication towards helping women and youth in Port Moresby.

  62. 2015
  63. POM_Branch_edited

    Port Moresby Branch

    29th December 2015

    The Port Moresby City Mission and Haus Ruth received assistance and now equipped to run their rehabilitation programs in 2016, thanks to Bank South Pacific (BSP).

  64. 2015
  65. Alotau_Branch_edited

    Alotau Branch

    25th December 2015

    Members of the Cameron Club in Alotau can now enjoy a game or two of tennis & squash in style thanks to Bank South Pacific.
  66. 2015
  67. KeviengBranch

    Kavieng Branch

    24th December 2015

    BSP Kavieng staff constructed a bus stop and refurbished the Aid post at Kaselok village with the assistance of the contractor.

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Sports - 2 1 12  21
Education 14 16 18 14 16 18  3
Environment/Community 2 5  7 7 6  5  9
Health 16 12  9 7 10  2  6